What services do you offer?


How can we get in touch with you?


Do you work for international Clients?

Yes, we work for overseas clients, and we provide services with international standards. We understand the difference in the time zone, We set clear indications for what is expected from each other, we keep us available to communicate over the phone, email, Zoom calls, Google Meet, Gotomeetings, to stay connected with our clients and ensure smooth delivery of projects. We set up a standard meeting time in advance, to discuss and agree on the best time to call, we set clear expectations for response time on approval requests. We understand and agree on how to manage deadlines so that work is delivered on time. At INZ Tech we often discuss concepts and strategy with clients. If they are thinking in another language it is important to allow them time to process the information, to translate everything as they speak. Also, we know each country has its own public holidays or special days and their spellings might differ from ours. Therefore we follow the best practice to set up a calendar with when to do what and a style guide with content rules. Working with international clients gives us the opportunities to meet with clients at home. To dial from our home country to across the world gives us the pleasure of embracing diversity. Technology has made remote working and access to clients so easy that clients in any part of the the world can work with us as if we both are in the same room. We love to use the different technologies available to enhance communication and productivity. How much do your services Cost Our services cost depends on the services, We do have some regular services packages that can be available on our Company websites www.packagelove.com and www.nimsevents.com for tailor our services as per clients requirements and provide tailored and affordable service packages to meet our client’s requirements.

Where is your physical Corporate office?


Do you have a one-time service or annual subscription?

We have both, it varies as per our client’s requirements.

How can we meet and consult or requirements?

You can leave us a message with your requirement, and we are glad to revert within 24 hours.

Who is the Owner Of INZ Technologies?

Nirmala is the Founder of the startup venture of INZ Technologies, She has begun her career in the year 2009. Her first startup was NIMS Event started in 2015 which is an event management company, In 2019 she ventured into packagelove.com which is a marketing Company. both entities operate under the Parent Company INZ Technologies. Nirmala is a Mass com graduate and holds 10.5 years of work experience in the BPO Sector and IT Sales. She is born and brought up in NewDelhi and holds a high passion and a keen interest in business development and business economics. She has worked with companies such as HCL, American Express, and Comparex. Her vision and aim are to bring creative ideas and out of the box concepts to empower businesses, the core services the company offers are Branding; Marketing; Promotion; & Events Nirmala has a gift of creative and analytical skills, Including her vast corporate work experience, she has a flair for dance, she is trained in dance forms such as ballet and Latin and she has also worked as a stage Anchor. Nirmala beliefs that any work you do, you are serving your country, Hence respect, sincerity,
integrity, trust, and sensitivity are the core values of the company.