In situation like pandemics, is it right to capitalise from the market’s anxieties and fear? for increase sales and profits? Shall we be empathetic towards employees and work in less or no profit!

Being aware of the situation of Corona Virus and its Global Impact. Businesses incurred losses, many employees are taken off from their jobs and companies productions has stopped as per government orders.

Some companies are encouraging digital services for public interaction and payments, however since we are aware that people earnings are Impacted and so is their buying powers therefore companies goods and services which was already operating under much competition will face difficulty in developing demands.

Covid fear has led people to stock grocery items in huge quantities at home, on the other hand sale for non essential items has drastically reduced!

The great fear of Corona Virus is increasing. People are adverted to buy sanitisation products which is now become as one of the essentials in our daily lives.

Repeated hand cleansing and covering face with mask is highly recommended now, hence many companies has pooled into Covid-19 safety products businesses. and now the market is strategised to capture on the basis of price vs. high quality Covid Safety items.,

To the question is it right to capitalise from the market’s anxieties and fear? in my opinion Companies with operational permits can still increase sales with complete education around Covid 19 and also by educating their employees. A proper guidance leads one to follow the correct steps and measurement instead just partially following the guidelines and trying to be operational.


Following correct guidance increase confidence in employees and productivity as well. To generate demand and reach out to mass you can always showcase your correct measurement issued and directed by the managment to ensure people safety and that will encourage people to buy your products/services over your competitors.

Although it will take time to bring back the equilibrium of demand and supply!


Together we are strong!


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